Friday, November 8, 2019

Internet Courses essays

Internet Courses essays Take regular courses or take internet courses? A decade ago, schooling still meant that the students sat in a classroom while listening to the teacher ¡Ã‚ ¯s lectures. Now, we have another choice, which means the internet courses. We can listen to the lectures on line while sitting on the comfortable chair at home. Somebody think that taking the internet course is really a great way to learn because it is convenience and efficiency, while the others may argue  ¡Ã‚ °Does it contain appropriate material for us? Does it achieve the same quality as the regular course? ¡ Whether it is good or not, internet courses is now available for us. First, let ¡Ã‚ ¯s recall how did we study in a classroom when the internet is not available. We sat with our classmates while the teacher giving us the lecture. The teacher discussed the problems with the students, gave the quizzes, also collected assignments . Of course, study in a regular class is a good method for learning. It can maintain a small size of class and reach the high quality of achievement. In 1978, Smith and Glass published a meta-analysis combining the results of 77 empirical studies pertaining to the relationship between class size and achievement, and soon followed it with a second meta-analysis analyzing the relationship between class size and other outcomes. Overall, they found that small classes were associated with higher achievement at all grade levels, and if student assignment was carefully controlled. In their second study, they concluded that small classes were superior in terms of students' reactions, teacher morale, and the quality of the instructional environment.[1] On the other hand, does an internet class can maintain a small size of class? Obviously, it can not. Another big advantage of taking traditional classes is that people can make a lot of friends in school. They can discuss the problems, share their experiences, either good or bad, make a gr ...

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