Wednesday, March 11, 2020

e-business Models and Benefits essays

e-business Models and Benefits essays The business to consumer website is often used for commercial purposes. The term applies to businesses or organizations that sell products and services to consumers over the internet, as long as those services are for the consumer's own use. The website owner sets specific prices for specific merchandise, and the consumer pays those prices. Their target audience is the average consumer, rather than businesses or An example of a B2C website is that of Barnes located at Barnes the average consumer looking to purchase products ranging from books to music and gifts. The site is designed to sell merchandise to individuals. In order to better serve their target audience, sites like Barnes Noble use multiple features to assist their customers. For example, the Barnes site contains a search feature. This search allows consumers to quickly and easily find the item they wish to purchase. Conversely, they also offer a browse feature, designed for the consumer looking to purchase an item, but not knowing which item they want. Each type of item is broken down into specific categories for easier searching. Additionally, B2C models such as that used by Barnes also offer features to enhance their customers' experiences. The Barnes site for example offers online book clubs as well as membership clubs, which offer the consumer additional money-saving opportunities. Customers can also use their online shopping cart to place or change orders, as well as check the Still further, B2C sites like Barnes offer wish list creation, to allow consumers to place items they will eventually buy on a list for later retrieval. This type of customization can also be seen in relation to shipping options, as consumers can choose how quickly the merchandise is to be shipped. The site also offers newslett...

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