Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Psychological Reactions Caused by Relaxation and Arousal free essay sample

This study’s main reason is to explore the psychological reactions by the idea of relaxation and arousal. A total of thirty eight students t part in this experiment. This study followed a within subject design in witch the independent variables were the music, witch was playing in the start, the touch stimuli and the music, witch was playing in the end of the experiment. However the dependent variables were the galvanic skin response (GSR), the heart rate and the respiratory rate. The psychological reactions were measured by the biopac student lab package. Â  Participants A total of thirty eight students participated in this experiment. The experimenter used opportunity sampling and the subject were first year psychology undergraduate students from the University of Bradford. The participants were asked if they want to participate and their selection was based on their health. Design This experiment followed a within subject design. This study was having two types of variables. We will write a custom essay sample on The Psychological Reactions Caused by Relaxation and Arousal or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The heart rate, the galvanic skin response (GSR) and the respiratory rate were the dependent variables. However the independent variables were the touch stimuli and the music that was played when the experiment was start and the music was played after the touch stimuli. Materials The biopac student lab package was used to measure the heart rate, the galvanic skin response (GSR) and the respiratory rate. Both participants heard the same music played from a cassette player. In both groups the experimenter measured the baseline after putting the cables of biopac on participants fingers to measure all the above. In this study has already been used two questioners. The first one was verbal and was asking general questions about the participants health and their consent to continue this experiment. The second one was a multiple choice questionnaire with also some short answer questions. It was asking the participants to describe their emotions during the experiment. The purpose of the firs questioner was to check if the participants were able to take part in this experiment. The second was testing if the participants feelings was linked with the results that were collected ,from the biopac student lab, after the experiment. Procedure In this study eight groups took part. The participant were having a seat in a computer desk in front of the screen witch was showing the measurements in the biopac system. They also were attached to the machines. The experimenter was put some Vaseline in the parts of the GSR and heart rate electrodes that was connected to the finger tips. The GSR electrodes was connected to a finger tip and the heart rate electrodes to the opposite one and the respiratory rate band was placed around the upper chest area. The participants were asked to complete a verbal questionnaire about their health and also asked if they want to participate in this experiment. This questionnaire was given before the experiment started. When the experiment started and the participants were connected to the machines they were asked from the experimenter if they feel comfortable. Also the experimenter gave some basic instructions and a brief description of the experiment. In the lab were two participants witch was seating in front of two screens. Were also two experimenters, one for each participant and some observers two of which were giving the touch stimuli. A peace of classical music was the start of this experiment. This music was playing for two minutes. When the song stop playing the experimenter asked from two people of whom were observing to touch the subjects by going behind the participants and placing their hands in participants shoulders and moving them to their hands. Through this way they were giving the touch stimuli. After that the second peace of music start playing for two more minute

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