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Being Involved As A Teacher Essay - 1943 Words

Introduction Being involved in the school system as a student is much different than being involved as a teacher. When you go to school every day, either as a student or as a teacher, you get stuck in a routine and things that happen daily are expected. During my observation time, I was more of someone who was on the outside looking in. I got to see and understand both sides of the school system from the students and from the faculty. This was my first time observing a classroom as someone other than a student, and it was quite exhilarating. I would like to share all the fun experiences I had during my short time of observation. I want to tell you how different age groups of students behave differently with one another and the teacher. I also want to share with you how different personalities in the teachers, can determine their effectiveness as a teacher. During my observation, I also had the opportunity to observe a special kind of classroom, one that surprised me that it even existed. Field Experience Site: Jasper Middle School The school at which I completed my twenty observation hours was Jasper Middle School, located in Pickens county, Georgia. This was a small, Title 1 Distinguished, middle school located in the heart of a small town called Jasper. The setting of the school demographically, is tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains and visible by most citizens of Jasper on their daily travel routines. Everyone knows everyone within the school walls. The teachersShow MoreRelatedParents And Teachers Involvement With Children s Education917 Words   |  4 Pages Parents and Teachers involvement with children’s education Before I get into my research topic I want to tell you about the meaning of parental involvement it is â€Å"a combination of commitment and active participation on the parent to the school and to the student. They are many problems concerning with involvement. Many secondary schools may simply do not know how to deal with the nontraditional family and the areas that may concern that is represents†. When I was doing my research on parentalRead MoreHigh Tower Trail Middle School Essay1275 Words   |  6 PagesHigh Tower Trail Middle School, located in Marietta, Georgia. This was the middle school that I attended, and as I look back on it now with the knowledge that I have gained, I can see that it really is an amazing middle school. With middle school being a major struggle for many young adolescents, High Tower Trail did so many amazing things in order to ensure students felt included and had a safe learning environment. High Tower Trail also had some things that they could have improved on while I wasRead MoreThe Teacher And Administrator Focus Group Essay1212 Words   |  5 PagesThe teacher and administrator focus group was conducted on Wednesday, March 1, 2016, before school. Seven participants were included in the teacher and administrative focus group including two teachers from Oilton Middle School, three teachers from Oilton High School, the principal of Oilton Hig h School, and the school district counselor. The focus group interview session enabled the researcher to build conversations around specific topics, and allowed the interviewer to build increased levels ofRead MoreMiddle School Is A School Organization Essay1612 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom their teachers to show them what’s out there for them and to introduce them to new things. The typical middle school has a vision or mission that speaks about the importance of including both the academic and the personal development of each young adolescent student. Although middle schools may have this mission, not all of these schools may abide by this vision and only focus on the academic part of the mission. Middle schools should prepare students with the knowledge of being able to thinkRead MoreThe Role Of Supervisor And The Supervisor937 Words   |  4 Pagesfact, supervision tends to be a challenging word in the education field and can be accepted by various leaders of a school. Supervisors can simply be supervisors or they can be administrators who are involved in the role of hiring and evaluating their staff. One could even go as far as the master teacher who observes other educators that ensures they are utilizing proper skills and techniques. Supervisors come from various angles, so it comes to no surprise that a supervisor is expected to wear manyRead MoreTh e Methods For Improving Parental Involvement1481 Words   |  6 Pagesincrease the methods teachers are able to use to increase parental involvement. Many researchers have studied parental involvement and methods of improving parental involvement, but these solutions usually focus on a school wide plan. The problem is these plans may or may not work. Teachers often feel great distress in developing solutions that truly affect change when it comes to parental involvement. Several articles on parental involvement note many advantages of parents being involved in their child’sRead MoreLack Of Parent And Teacher Perceptions Of Student Achievement And The Home School Partnership Essay1545 Words   |  7 Pagesability to become involved in their child’s education regardless of it being the early years or the middle/high school years: lack of parent education to help with schoolwork, cultural or socioeconomic differences, language differences between parents and staff, pare nt attitudes about the school, staff attitudes toward the parents, and concerns about safety in the area after school hours. To some extent, parents can control some of the barriers that make it difficult to become involved in their children’sRead MoreMental Health And The Wellbeing Essay1570 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Mental health and well-being will be explored in depth in two frames. One frame relating to James who has been demonstrating mental health and wellbeing issues in a school context. The second frame relates to mental health and wellbeing. Both frames will be looked at in depth and will cover concepts such as: defining mental health and wellbeing, complexities for teachers advocacy for both students and teachers and legal and ethical responsibilities. In each of these key areas that willRead MoreDeveloping A Healthy Environment For Our Student s Academic Growth Essay1344 Words   |  6 Pagesprocesses they will go through in their lives. As a future teacher, I must recognize the needs of developing adolescents and create a healthy environment for our student’s academic growth, as well as personal development. The movement from junior high schools to the development of middle schools began to rapidly grow in the 1960’s. Junior high schools were focused on subject centered learning, isolated planning, and impersonal student-teacher relationships. With the emergence of the middle school,Read MoreThe Elementary Level Of Curriculum Development809 Words   |  4 Pagesand Gordon (2010) discuss that teachers are in one of three levels in curriculum development. The three levels are broken into; imitative maintenance, mediative, and generative. Teachers at level one are consumed with keeping and maintains the curriculum the same. Level two teachers are looking to refine the curriculum through development, while level three teachers are involved with changing and improving the curriculum (Glickman, Gordon, and Gordon, 2010). Teachers in level one are considered to

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