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Political Participation - 2355 Words

POLI0094 Political Participation: Why and How? 1st Semester, 2010-11 Term Paper From Twitter Revolution to Internet Censorship in China – a discussion on the Internet and political participation Introduction Politics could be defined very broadly as the adjustment efforts of humans attempting to coexist in an interdependent relationship. In defining a political system, we refer it to a system which is a persistent pattern of human relationships that involves, to a significant extent, power, rule, or authority. Politics concerns about the process in which a government outcomes or decisions on public affairs is made. The course of action or behavior people conduct to influence in the process of negotiation, bargaining and compromising†¦show more content†¦First of all, it basically enlarges the public sphere in which the members of public take part in discussing and exchanging ideas. Public sphere is a discursive space in which individuals and groups congregate to discuss matters of mutual interest and, where possible, to reach a common judgment. In a modern society, it is seen as a theater where political participation is enacted through the medium of talk and a realm of social l ife in which public opinion can be formed. It is argued that the Internet greatly altered the public spheres and scholars termed the phenomenon as the Public Sphere 2.0 in the sense that contrary to the traditional mass media, the Internet is open for interactive exchanges and for a wide plurality of voices. The feature of anonymity of identity perhaps best explains the revolutionizing nature of political participation on internet. Without revealing one’s true identity, the threat of getting traced and exposure to public condemn are lacking and people are willing to freely express their opinion with fear or any shyness. This in effect facilitates the public’s participation of political affairs and encourages the aggregation and exchange of idea without interference. In restructuring of public spheres on the Net, it is as well suggested that the Internet creates an opportunity to remove the oldShow MoreRelatedIs Electoral Participation Necessary For Political Participation?1538 Words   |  7 Pagesfull potential, citizens must participate in the decision-making process. However, for a large part of the public, political participation does not go beyond electoral participation. Nonetheless, even the most common form of political engagement, namely voting, is in decline (Whiteley, 2012, pp.37-38). Although electoral participation is not the ultimate measure of political participation, it is one of the most significant and easiest to measure. Besides voting, there are numerous ways of getting involvedRead MoreThe Issue Of Political Participation1928 Words   |  8 PagesPolitical participation is a right afforded to United States citizens; it is our civic duty to participate and is ultimately a privilege. The founders believed that it was the newly founded government’s responsibility to protect the basic rights of the people. With those beliefs they made the United States of America, a two-tiered, three-branch democracy and therefore the people hold the power to freely elect who they want to represent them in government. The local representatives, we elect pushRead MorePolitical Participation in Hong Kong703 Words   |  3 Pagesspeeches. Therefore, they are much more active in the political participations than the other people. â€Å"A vibrant democracy requires its citizens to participate in the political process and exercise their right to vote. â€Å" (Verba, Schlozman, Brady, 1995).The Hong Kongers have m any ways to engage in the political campaign in order to draw the attention from general public in specific issues. As a member of this citizenship, I will participate in the political events in order to give some pressure to the governmentRead MoreWhat Is Traditional Political Participation?738 Words   |  3 Pages Sireena Nguyen Government 2305 Mr.Shoshinski 14 October, 2015 Assignment II What is Traditional political participation? It’s a wide range of activities made to influence government as in voting and other things such as protesting or volunteering for a campaign. The United State is a democratic country and we believe to let the citizens of america to put their input of suitable candidates to run our country by voting or other sources. These activities are all important and without these activitiesRead MoreIs The Contemporary Crisis Participation For Traditional Forms Of Political Participation? Essay1618 Words   |  7 Pagescrisis in participation can be defined as a serious situation in which there has been a drop in, or lack of citizens engaging in political activities designed to influence government decision making. In this essay, I will demonstrate how there is a contemporary crisis in participation in traditional forms of political participation. This is however more significant amongst young and unskilled groups. I will show how there is an increase in participation in more informal methods of participation as socialRead MoreThe Political Orientation And Participation Of Individuals Essay1816 Words   |  8 PagesThe ‘big five’ is a model that has been used to identify personality traits the have a reflection in the political orientation and participation of individuals. In this essay I will be arguing that the personality of individuals has less of an impact on their political behaviour than other factors including age, gender and socioeconomic status. Research in relation to the big five has shown that there are two areas of the ‘big five’ that have more influence than others, I will be discussing why scoringRead MoreRelationship Between Social Capital And Political Participation Essay1341 Words   |  6 Pagescitizenry’s political participation, as it is the core of their ideals. Without the engagement of a vast number of individuals, the different processes of self-governance may decay and be left vulnerable to authoritarian control. But what constitutes political participation? Where do citizens harness their will to become engaged in the process? Tocqueville’s analysis of associations can be linked to the concept of social capital, which will help us understand the trends of political participation amongRead MoreEssay On Political Participation1791 Words   |  8 Pagesand Women’s Political Participation Introduction Women’s unequal social and economic status has led to lower levels of political participation and representation and worst health outcomes. We address the Triple Aim to improve healthcare outcomes and experience for women by focusing on maternal health. We address costs reduction by the expenses associated with loss of life and productivity loss. We are interested in the associations among maternal health and women’s political participation of womenRead MoreThe Political Participation Of Ghana1799 Words   |  8 Pageshad grievances, they did not resort to violence but the law. This also shows the confidence that people have developed and are developing in the court system and it is important that institutions are strengthened to consolidate democracies. Political participation has been impressive though voter turnout has fluctuated. The lowest turn-out was the 1992 elections. This election recorded a turnout of 53.75%. It is not surprising because, Ghana was returning from over a decade of military rule. The 1996Read MorePolitical Participation Of Women Essay776 Words   |  4 PagesUN Women Topic: Encouraging Political Participation by Women School: Williamston High School Delegate: Lia Bommarito Throughout history, women were not seen as equal to men. Even in 2017, marginalization and oppression still persists in many regions and states. Because of a long history of sexism and institutionalized that dates back to the first functional societies, women are discouraged from participating in society politically. Oftentimes the political participation of a group can be measured

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