Thursday, August 29, 2019

Alternative assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Alternative assignment - Essay Example The essay hereby recounts these experiences and awareness of music and compared to the previous days when one was not actually aware of the diversity of sounds being heard within the daily course of activities. A concluding portion would highlight what has been learned appropriately from the experience. A Recount of the Musical Experience From the time one wakes up, it is a habit to turn off the first sound that is heard and experienced: the sound of one’s alarm clock as set from the cellular phone: the alarm sound was of Liszt. As one gets up, I am greeted by our pets at home, a family of Shih Tzus who happen to happily greet me with barks of excitement. Mother is already in the kitchen preparing breakfast and now, I am cognizant of kitchen sounds: the running of water in the sink to wash the utensils needed to prepare the meal; the fizzle of eggs and bacon in the pan; the opening and closing of the refrigerator to get water or juice; and the sound of making a good aromatic c up of coffee. I just realized that the sounds of preparing breakfast were music to my ear. At the background, I also hear my siblings preparing for their daily destinations. There was the sound of water in the shower, and one sibling opened the radio in his room to play faint background music. From what I remember and noted some of the songs that were played were as follows: Too Close by Alex Clare; One More Night by Maroon 5; and Lights by Ellie Gouldy. Also, at this early morning, I already hear vehicles rushing to work and the intermittent honking of their horns at the farthest location to warn pedestrians and other vehicles at intersections. It is at this point that I recognize the chirping of our pet Zebra Finch, all three of them, like sounds of little trumpets, as they happily hop from one branch to another in their bird cage. As the day goes on, turning the television, one could more audibly appreciate the television commercials and I tried to determine the background songs being played: there was the song in Coke commercial: Fountain Pour where Paul Riddick and The Sidemen apparently sing I’m a Criminal. Another commercial, Apple iPod where Willy Moon sang Yeah Yeah. Of course, just be looking for programs though different cable stations in one’s television would generate a barrage of sounds and songs and background music. While trying to locate a good television program after the morning news, one encountered Pepsi Max commercial where Jennifer Netties sang Your Cheatin Heart. I could not remember the songs for all the other commercials that were viewed, but one remembers JC Penny commercial and Sprint Girl to what I could recognize as Alexi Murdoch’s All My Days. Of course on the way to school, most of the sounds that one hears include the vehicles along the road and sounds people make: their chatter, conversation, walking (some people walk really noisy), and there are houses where children could be heard either crying, laughing , or just playing with car toys. There is a sound heard of a neighbor sweeping the front lawn and cutting the grass. At their respective houses, their radio playing background music of Justin Bieber’s As Long as You Love Me and Some Nights by Fun. I even heard the Korean singer Psy singing the famous Gangnam song. When night

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