Friday, August 23, 2019

I will add that myself it is a team collaboration, I dont neeed a Essay

I will add that myself it is a team collaboration, I dont neeed a cover page either - Essay Example Competence and Qualifications of Team Collaborator My educational background as graduating with a Bachelors of Science and Management, in conjunction with my work experience as a paramedic, has equipped me to prepare myself for the roles and duties as team collaborator. I have good communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills that have been developed through courses taken in the academe, such as: Communication Skills for the Human Services Professional and Human Motivation, among others. In this regard, with the BSM degree where management courses predominate, the functions of planning, coordinating, organizing and controlling have been learned, practiced and applied. These qualifications, traits, and skills make me competent to assume the role of a team collaborator to ensure that all group activities, consistent with the respective member’s duties and responsibilities are relayed, monitored, and any ensuing problems could be addressed, as needed. Reference Task Manage ment Guide. (2011).

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