Monday, August 26, 2019

Masculinity in sport presented by contemporary media Essay

Masculinity in sport presented by contemporary media - Essay Example ch on "Masculinity in Sport Presented by Contemporary Media" deals with the varied aspects associated with male athleticism and the manner in which it is represented in popular media. The public representation of male athletes in the media is dominated by sport stars; portraying a "macho image" and who are often addressed with male-specific metaphors deliberately framed with the sole objective of monopolizing mens physical force, in the arena of men’s sport. This can be further substantiated by the description of masculinity in sport as depicted by Gerhard Vinnai (1976, Pp. 74): â€Å"The importance of rock-hard muscles, absence of sentimentality in harsh duels, acceptance of frequently painful injuries and ability to consume vast quantities of beer after the game . . . characterises the moral atmosphere among the sportsmen† The concept of masculinity in mediated sport is debated, and challenged, widely during the recent decade, by scholars and academicians alike, and holds great relevance, particularly when viewed against the backdrop of a rapidly emerging heterogeneous audience which comprises of gays and emergence of seemingly â€Å"effeminate† sports, and the rise in the number of viewers having diverse values and attitude and media consumption habits. In order to examine, explore and analyse the influence and role of mass media in representing masculinity in sport, this study uses the secondary research, qualitative research methodology, whereby various research articles, media articles, news published in tabloids, books, television adverts and sport magazines are studied, to gather evidence required to substantiate the research hypothesis and research objectives listed in the previous section of this paper. This study mostly relies on secondary research and all the observations made are through literature review, and existing available material on the subject under study. This study is divided into three distinct chapters wherein the concept of hegemonic

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