Thursday, September 12, 2019

Ableism Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ableism - Assignment Example Hayman also agrees with Christensen that societal beliefs usually change an individual’s mastery of concepts. For instance, society usually assigns minor roles, if not any, to disable-bodied persons as compared to able-bodied people. Able-bodied people are assigned significant roles in the society including other areas such as a career and sports. For example, Disabled individuals were not allowed to take part in a number of activities and events. For example, the capability and skills of disabled individuals, in sports, has never been fully exploited. In the current Paralympics games, the disabled people are exhibiting a number of potential skills and capabilities. With the introduction of new technologies, these people are capable of participating in games like marathon, steeplechase, basketball, and swimming. It is also notable that these athletes’ performances almost equalize that of able-bodied athletes. This is an indication that ableism is just a traditional notion that despises the competencies and capabilities of disable-bodied people. Therefore, a change is required to ensure that roles and duties are equally distributed depending on an individual’s capabilities and skills. This should also not be done on the basis of an individual’s physical

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