Saturday, September 7, 2019

Leadership-assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Leadership-assignment - Essay Example Consequently, a leader must be impartial. Support of any group within the organization can lead to the politicking and development of partial reasoning. Impartiality makes leaders view the issues indicated with clarity and can solve conflicts between individuals in the society. Therefore, as a leader, impartiality is vital in developing group cohesion. The important role of the leader includes mentorship, which is required in team leadership (Bell 56). Mentorship leads to effective team development by increasing the skills of the members. Leaders must take initiative in ensuring members of the group are in good terms, which is reflected in the performance of the organization. In addition, Leaders must be the role model for the members because they represent their organization. The image of the organization depends on the leadership style. Therefore, an effective leader must always ensure unity of purpose and focus within the group, which ensures cohesiveness in then group (Bell 89). The development of an effective team will depend on the leader’s commitment to development and group cooperation. In conclusion, an effective leader must rely on personal skills to succeed in team

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