Thursday, September 19, 2019

Canada and The Korean War Essay examples -- History, War

Overshadowed by the previous, long and devastating Second World War, the Korean War became known by Canadian veterans as the "Forgotten War". After Japan's defeat in World War II, Korea was split into two parts, North Korea and South Korea. North Korea was occupied by the communist country of USSR while South Korea was held by the Americans and other democratic nations. War officially broke out on June 25, 1950, when the North Koreans assaulted across the country's division on the 38th Parallel with their men and artillery behind them. North Korea and its leaders wanted to unify the whole country from its division by taking over South Korea under their government. North Korea was allied with China and the Republic of Korea was supported by democratic nations. Although Canada did not send as many troops as the Americans, Canada played a vital part in the war being victorious over several important battles. The Korean War was significant for Canada because it demonstrated Cana da's relations with the US and UN and showcased its growing power among other nations. Canada participated in the Korean War because of their obligation to UN, American influence, and Canada's early misconception of the war. The United Nations was formed shortly before the end of World War II when the League of Nations was deemed useless when it failed to prevent the outbreak of the war. Canada was so obliged to helping UN because they were a part of it when it was formed. Canada alongside the "Big Five" and others, became one of the original members of the peacekeeping and peacemaking UN. It was stated that "Canada has always been a strong supporter of the United Nations and of peacekeeping, and has participated in almost every mission since its inc... ...a/war_conflict/cold_war/topics/274/ (accessed December 18, 2011). The Korean War. December 11, 2011. (accessed December 18, 2011). English, John. "Korean War." The Canadian Encyclopedia. (accessed December 18, 2011). Pearson, Lester B. "Documents on the Korean Crisis." University of Manitoba. January 24, 1951. (accessed December 18, 2011). United Nations Association in Canada. Canadian Participation in UN Peacekeeping - Chronology. (accessed December 18, 2011).

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