Friday, September 27, 2019

E-business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

E-business - Essay Example Benefits of Ebusiness to Organizations: Ebusiness expands the marketplace to not only national but also the international markets. It also decreases the cost of storing and retrieving paper-based information. This kind of business also reduces the time between the outlay of the capital and the receipt of products and services. Ebusiness also reduces the telecommunication costs as internet is relatively much cheaper than Value Added Networks. Organization to focus: The website on which we will focus in this report in Asus is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of notebooks, netbooks, motherboards, graphic cards, etc. Asus is regarded as the number one manufacture of mother boards in the world. They are believed to be blessed with one of the world’s best research and development team who believe in innovation of the product. Ebusiness Website: The ebusiness website of Asus is developed by one of the best people which mark the tradition of the company and pe ople can understand it through a look at that website. However, its ebusiness operations can be improved in various other ways. How to improve? There are numerous ways by which web analytic systems can be improved, and if the company knows what it is supposed to do, the web analytic systems are very useful. ... The profit margin and the overhead cannot be easily reported in most of the key analytic system, but the average sale price, conversion rate and the number of visitors who visit the website can be measured by the good key analytic systems. Improving Customer Satisfaction through ebusiness: The customer satisfaction can be improved through ebusiness using a number of factors that encourage long term relationships. Customer Relationship: Improving customer relationships is a very important factor of customer satisfaction. When dealing with customers, empathy is very important. A couple of factors by which this can be done are by addressing the customer by his name, knowing what was the product he purchased recently and offering new product according to his taste and preferences which makes him feel that the business has thought about his needs and makes him feel important. should develop various service-quality and relationship-building initiatives which are designed specifica lly to give customers a reason to buy products from its firm and do frequent business with them. The business strategy of Customer Relationship Management should be given more attention by in order to optimize profitability. Service and Support: Different studies reveal that customers purchasing through the web usually find poor customer service and this becomes the reason they refrain from purchasing a product online. One of the main reasons of this is that when customers buy using internet, they serve themselves, but they do not really want to receive and lesser service than what they receive in the real world. The requirements of ebusiness are higher expectations for

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