Friday, October 18, 2019

Carl Rogers Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Carl Rogers - Research Paper Example In his early years, Rogers was a very shy and awkward child. He often went into tears for no reason and he was prone to sickness early. His brothers teased him often and made jokes about him. He grew up in a home where his father was often absent which meant that he grew close to his mother. As a young child, Rogers was the baby of the family and he remained the baby until he was five years old. As her grew older, his health became very strong. His older siblings paid special attention to him now and they taught him to read when he was four years old (Kirschenbaum, 1979, p. 2-3). He began to read everything he could find in his parents library which included several volumes of the bible and many other titles. Eventually, he began to entertain his brothers with the fantastic stories that he made up himself (Kirshenbaum, p. 4). As Rogers grew up he lived in many different places including a farm and the suburbs. Adulthood was fun for Rogers because he found it very easy to make friends. He had high energy and his health was excellent. These two factors allowed him to make journeys around the world. These journeys gave him a broader sense of the world around him early in his life. Central to Rogers early years was Calvinism which was the religious background his parents raised him in; eventually his mother would become a fundamentalist. By the time he entered college, he had changed to a more liberally religious viewpoint which led to fights in his home (Kirschenbaum, 1979). He would eventually develop ideas in existentialism as continued to study religion. As he developed his study of religion and other disciplines he began to believe that "good works were more important than ritual or doctrine in Christianity "Kirschenbaum, p. 29). In his view it was more important for people to take responsibility for their own actions than to rely on god to do something for them. He traveled to the Orient for some of his study and when he

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