Thursday, October 17, 2019

Finance for Business Decisions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Finance for Business Decisions - Essay Example AMP Limited’s financial data of 2011 shows that the company has 949,037 shareholders with a total share capital of 2,854,672,784 ordinary shares. The total number of Employees that work under the banner of AMP Limited is 6000, with 4131 employed and self-employed planners and has a relationship with 6,000 independent financial planners (AMP 2012). The company has two major business units, the first works under the name of AMP Financial Services where 4100 aligned and employed planners provide services regarding income protection, disability and life insurance, superannuation and superannuation services for business, retirement income, selected banking products and financial advices to its customers based in Australia and New Zealand. The second unit AMP Capital is diversified investment managers, who invest in fixed interest, property, diversified funds, equities and infrastructure. Currently they are managing $123 billion in assets for those who believe in AMP Capital and their strategies of creating wealth for their clients. The growth is on going with the emergence into different countries worldwide. The merger between AMP with AXA Asia Pacific Holding in 2011 gave a boost to the growth of AMP Limited as being the strongest business of Australia and New Zealand enhancing their services while it creates a competitive force in the financial sector. The investment in AXA Pacific Holding has proved to be a strong policy for the company’s future growth as the merger has increased sales, company has become more competitive and an expanding advisory force. Based on the financial report the company maintains its payout ratio of 75 to 85 percent by announcing a dividend of 14 cents per share for the year 2011. However, the net profit attributable to shareholder of the company declined by 11% and reached $688 million compared to $775 million in 2010. The underlying profit shows 20% increase of $909 million than the previous year, as the 9 months contribution

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