Monday, October 7, 2019

Gay Marriage Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Gay Marriage - Research Paper Example Gay marriages should not be allowed and there should be no constitutional amendment to allow the gays and lesbians to obtain the legal marriage certificate. Gay marriage is an unnatural way of living. Had gay marriage been a natural way of living, gays would have been able to make babies from their relationship. Two people living together in a gay marriage contract cannot suffice each other’s emotional needs, even if they feel physically satisfied being together. Even if they happen to be satisfied both emotionally and physically, the connection may not last forever. Likewise, a woman needs the love of a man for concerns including and beyond physical satisfaction. A man is incomplete without a woman and vice versa. This can be estimated from the fact that no couple but the one comprising members of the opposite sex is able to produce children biologically. Gays are not able to produce children, so they can never experience what it feels like to be a parent. Although some gays tend to adopt a child, yet it has its own negative implications upon the adopted child as will be discussed later. Even if they do adopt children, they are never able to connect to them in a way they would have connected to their biological children owing to the fact that they know they are adopted and not their own children. â€Å"Popular stereotypes suggest either that lesbian and gay parents do not exist, or that children suffer irreparable harm if brought up in the households of lesbian or gay parents† (Patterson and Redding 29). From every aspect, life of a gay is unnatural. Gay marriage is an unreligious way of living. God has created everything for a purpose. Nothing has been made useless. Likewise, God has provided human beings with a system according to which they should live. Most of the religions, particularly the Abrahamic religions condemn the practice of homosexuality. Islam not only forbids gay marriage but also declares severe punishments for the people involv ing in this act. Religious scriptures provide accounts of God’s fury over the nations that have indulged in the practice of homosexuality in the past. Specifically, both Bible and Quran describe how the People of Lot (P.B.U.H.) were cursed and punished by God Almighty when they did not give up the practice of homosexuality despite repeated warnings made by the Prophet Lot (P.B.U.H.). â€Å"Scholars of shari’a, Islamic law, interpret homosexuality to be not merely a sin, but a crime as well† (Kligerman 54). We fundamentally derive our norms and values from religion. Had there been no religion, we would have had no guidelines to follow and there would be no means to judge whether a certain action was right or wrong. Since religion has prohibited us from indulging in the practice of homosexuality, there is no way we can justify the act. Legalization of gay marriage is essentially an offense of the religious teachings and violation of the religious principles. Gay m arriage is supported in the name of modernity and people who oppose gay marriage because they practice religion are said to be conservative and narrow minded. A vast majority of people who speak in favor of gay marriages have started to talk about religious principles as man made. With that being said, our fundamental beliefs are being challenged along with our belief in God. â€Å"A part of the cost of the voluntary but â€Å"

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