Tuesday, October 22, 2019

How Long Should My Resume Be

How Long Should My Resume Be There are many articles out there on the topic of how long your resume should be. Two that were informative for me are  How Long Should My Resume Be?,  from Great Resumes Fast, and  Resumes for Executive Jobs Tips on Length, Formatting and Style,  by Matthew Rothenberg of TheLadders. My guideline is that if you are a new graduate, your resume should be one page if at all possible. If you have 10 years of work experience, it will probably be two pages. I recommend always having a one-page resume at the ready if you are expecting to work with recruiters. I disagree a bit with the formatting advice from TheLadders. I do not like underlining or changes in font size as a formatting tool. I much prefer the option of Small Caps which you will find under the font menu. Its a great way to create emphasis. Remember, even though you probably wont include graphics in your resume (other than perhaps some nice lines and tasteful shading), your resume is a  work of art. Print it out and make sure it looks professional! Its likely that if you underlined a lot and multiple font sizes you will change your mind quickly about your artistic choice when you look at the document in hard copy.

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